We DANCE, MOVE, LAUGH, sometimes CRY, but most of all we have FUN
Group Classes
Currently held once a week...
Day:      Saturdays
Time:    9.30am - 1030am
Venue:  Northside Community Church
              8 Edinburgh Road
              Pomona, Harare
First class is free, from there on students pay $8 per class and their spouse, family member, friend or care giver is free.
No need to book.
Private Sessions
Private sessions can be arranged.  Fee is $20 per session,  spouse, family member, friend or care giver is free.  Can be done in the comfort of your home.
Booking is essential.
First class FREE

This applies to newcomers only

Class details and Facilities

The class starts off with everyone seated and there is a series of about 5 exercises, warming you up with different tempos and movements.  From there we transition to standing behind the chair and do a couple of exercises.  Then we will take the chairs away and finish off with exercises in the centre followed by a cool down exercise.   If anyone is not able to stand or not ready to or comfortable to do so, the whole class can be done seated.  Exercises will be adjusted accordingly to suit you so you are able to participate the whole way through.

You will be encouraged to move each body part, no matter how big or small. This allows you to become more aware of your body and experience your capacity for movement. 


All venues chosen will have wheel chair access as well as ablutions.