Dance Movement for Parkinson's second & third Harare class is introduced at BS Leon, starting June 2018 and at Athol Evans July 2018

Contacts have been made with Nazareth House... watch this space!

Feedback from attendees...

"My carer and I are both beneficiaries of Dance Movement for Parkinson’s classes. We both enjoy the helpful exercises undertaken in a friendly atmosphere with bright music and great humour. We believe that the demand for brain, muscle and general coordination of the classes is benefitting us enormously and would encourage all Parkinson’s sufferers and their carers to take this opportunity of participating."

"We absolutely love your dance classes and also think they are far more beneficial to us than the physio that we were having at one stage for exercise.  It incorporates balance which is badly needed in PD and also fun and laughter as PD patients tend to have very serious faces most of the time and when they do smile and laugh their faces really light up.  All I can say is they are really worth while and please do not stop them"

"I have greatly enjoyed our lessons  and I know that they are doing me a lot of good.  Slowly, but I am determined to keep up with this new idea, because it is essential for all of us to keep our muscles functioning as much as possible.  I know this is not a cure, but it is a positive move in the right direction.  As for the rest of our members, those of whom have been coming to your lessons, I know they all feel the same as I do."


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